Our brand is based on three qualities that create the foundation every product at BIG 8 is built on. These qualities bring stability and consistency to the BIG 8 Brand and set our vision for the future. With products based on these standards you can be sure they are always built TOUGH, crafted with QUALITY, and made with an intended PURPOSE.     

TOUGH: BIG 8 is determined to make products that are TOUGH, LIKE NATURE INTENDED. If it isn’t tough, BIG 8 didn’t make it. When we design new items we, always aim to produce a finished product that is durable and long lasting. We want you to enjoy our products for a long time.

QUALITY: BIG 8 is driven to bring you products that are offered at an attainable price point without sacrificing quality. When we witness the beauty and perfection in the wild places around us, we aim to imitate that in our product development. The wilderness sets a standard of quality that BIG 8 seeks to satisfy.  BIG 8 products are crafted with the QUALITY NATURE CALLS FOR!           

PURPOSE: BIG 8 aims to create products with an intended purpose. Everything in nature has a purpose, and BIG 8’s products are no different. As we navigate through the development of products and their features, we understand that there is a deeper reason for creating them. Your memories, dreams, and enjoyment of the outdoors inspire us to bring you tough quality products that MIMIC NATURES MEANING.